Through strategic acquisitions, Maroon Group is aiming to strengthen its leading position in its existing markets and diversify into new, complementary end markets & geographies by acquiring best-in-class specialty chemical or ingredient distributors. Maroon Group’s entrepreneurial culture provides tremendous flexibility as it relates to the transactions we evaluate. Large or small, independently owned or corporate divestitures, industrial products or natural ingredients – each situation presents a potential opportunity for Maroon Group to improve our service level, expand our market expertise, and add talented employees with a common commitment to our customers, suppliers, and communities.



Addipel, based in Elyria, Ohio, provides a wide array of value-add service offerings, including custom blends, 100% active non-dust blends, and repackaging. Founded in 2008, Addipel focuses on serving customers in the plastics industry with consistent products, consistent delivery, and consistent supply. Addipel became part of Maroon Group CASE & Plastics in 2014.

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Specialty Intermediates

Amsyn, LLC

Amsyn, LLC is a national distributor of specialty chemicals to the coatings, lubricants, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries. Established in 1989, Amsyn's broad portfolio of specialty chemicals and intermediates is supplemented by its differentiated service offering. Through custom synthesis and formulation services, consultative support, and global sourcing capabilities, the company is uniquely adapted to meet the full range of customers' development, commercialization, and distribution needs. Amsyn became part of Maroon Group Specialty Intermediates in 2019.

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Specialty Intermediates

Cadence Chemical

Founded in 2004, Cadence supplies specialty intermediates for the coatings, adhesives, lubricants, chemical processing, water treatment, and associated industries. Cadence has a fantastic record of strong supplier and customer relationships executed by a dedicated team. Cadence Chemical became part Maroon Group’s Specialty Intermediates business in 2016.


Cambrian Solutions

Established in 1995, Cambrian Solutions offers a broad portfolio of specialty ingredients and chemicals to customers in the Naturals and Organics; Food; Household, Industrial and Institutional; Health Ingredients; Personal Care; Petroleum; Pulp & Paper; and Industrial markets. In addition to broadening its North American network of customers, suppliers, and facilities, this acquisition reinforces the Company’s focus on providing differentiated value-added capabilities to customers’ and principals’ supply chains through technical proficiency, formulary expertise, and client solutions laboratories. Cambrian became part of Maroon Group in September 2019.

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CASE & Plastics

CNX Distribution

Based in Hurst, TX, CNX Distribution is a specialty chemical distributor supplying specialty additives, pigments, and resins to the paint coatings, ink, plastics, rubber, sealants adhesives, elastomers, oil & gas, and miscellaneous chemical processing industries. CNX is driven to exceed its customer’s expectations by providing exceptional service and quality technical support, as well as fostering an open communication with its principal partners to deliver value to its customer base. CNX became part of Maroon Group CASE & Plastics in 2016.

CASE & Plastics

D.B. Becker

D.B. Becker, based in Clinton, NJ, and founded in 1954, is a proud supplier of specialty raw materials to customers in the paint, ink, coatings, adhesives, epoxy, plastics, polyurethane, and allied markets with an emphasis on high-performance, value-added, and environmentally friendly raw materials. D.B. Becker's enhanced customer service and expanded portfolio of technologies and products further benefits our overall customer base. D.B. Becker became part of Maroon Group CASE & Plastics in 2015.


J. Tech Sales

Established in 1997, J. Tech Sales is a value-add distributor to the household, industrial & institutional (HI&I); Food & Beverage; Coatings; and Personal Care markets. Through its in-house laboratory, blue-chip product lines, and technically-oriented sales team, J. Tech Sales provides its customers and principal suppliers with a unique value proposition and end-market expertise. J. Tech became part of Maroon Group HI&I in 2018.


Lincoln Fine Ingredients

Lincoln Fine Ingredients is a national distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients to the Personal Care, Cosmetic, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and HI&I industries. Established in 1976, Lincoln Fine Ingredients remains committed to technology, formulation, sustainability, and superior customer service. Lincoln Fine Ingredients supplies planet-friendly ingredients throughout the United States. Lincoln became part of Maroon Group CARE in 2017.

CASE & Plastics

Maroon Inc.

Based in Avon, Ohio, Maroon Inc. thrived on creating success for customers by forming partnerships with world-class manufacturers and supplying consistent products on time. For more than four decades, customers in the CASE, plastics, and related industries have come to rely on Maroon's technical sales team, exceptional customer service, and global sourcing capabilities when specifying specialty additives, specialty resins, specialty pigments, specialty intermediates, and packaging. Maroon became part of Maroon Group CASE & Plastics in 2014.


Seidler Chemical

Based in Newark, New Jersey, Seidler Chemical is a national distributor of specialty chemicals, ingredients, and value-add services to the Pharmaceutical, High Purity Electronic, Industrial, and Food and Beverage Industries. For more than 120 years, Seidler Chemical continues to provide outstanding quality and customer service with integrity, transparency, and fairness. Seidler became part of Maroon Group CARE in 2017.

Seidler Chemical Website

Specialty Intermediates

U.S. Chemicals

Founded in 1960 and based in Darien, CT, U.S. Chemicals supplies specialty intermediates for the coatings, lubricants, plastics, and associated industries. U.S. Chemicals has a storied history and has a proven record of strong supplier and customer relationships. U.S. Chemicals became part of Maroon Group Specialty Intermediates in 2016.