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Welcome to Maroon Group

Maroon Group is a world class supplier of specialty chemicals and ingredients across North America focused on creating value for customers in a diverse range of end markets. Our business is structured to leverage an infrastructure of industry leading technology, value-add services, global sourcing & logistics network, and a commitment to Creating Customer Success®. This philosophy has enabled Maroon Group to offer its customers and principal partners with national capabilities while maintaining a local focus. Every day, we strive to deliver fantastic customer experiences.

Complementing our product portfolio, we offer a broad range of formulation and laboratory expertise via our technical centers of excellence. Our focal point is collaborating with our channel partners to research and develop new ideas and concepts, providing our customers with regulatory support, quality controls, test methods, and manufacturing capabilities.

Industries Served

Maroon Group’s serves customers across multiple industries including CARE, CASE & Plastics, HI&I and Specialty Intermediates. This includes customers that manufacture products from cosmetics to automotive coatings, plastic bottles to craft brews, pharmaceuticals to computer chips. Our commercial teams are segmented by and dedicated to end markets, providing specialization and pinpoint focus. We understand our markets and have tenured specialists in place to be able to provide solutions.


Growth Strategy

Maroon Group executes a multi-tiered growth strategy focused on organic growth and strategic acquisitions. This has resulted in an organization that is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in our industry.

Our principals count on Maroon Group’s technical sales and support teams to drive value through our extensive customer network. With more than 75 account managers, regional customer service centers, and a network of more than 40 warehouses located throughout North America, our business is built around service and providing value to our customers and principal suppliers. Our lead times are typically measured in hours or days, not weeks! We have the team and infrastructure in place to deliver results.                                                                                                                                             

Corporate Social Responsibility

Recognizing the value and benefit of innovation and sustainability

Through our dedication as a responsible company, Maroon Group is proud to sponsor various organizations contributing to the building of a positive chemistry community and world, including the ICIS Innovation Awards, the Values-in-Action Foundation, the Chemical Education Foundation, and the National Association of Chemical Distributors.

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