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Norac entered the metallic stearate business in 1966 with the acquisition of The Mathe Company in Lodi, NJ, and shortly thereafter, developed the patented and highly efficient COAD® manufacturing process. Norac broke ground in 1981 on a new production facility in Helena, Arkansas. Metallic stearate production was moved there in 1990. In 2004 Norac changed the division name to Norac Additives and embarked on a product development program to expand and build upon its core competence of metallic stearate chemistry. Significant investments have been made in both R&D technology as well as blending and production capacity. Today Norac Additives develops, manufactures and markets a variety of PVC Additives such as ester lubricant blends, metallic stearates and calcium/zinc heat stabilizers, along with other proprietary blends for the thermoplastic and thermoset market. As other chemical companies have reduced R&D and technical support, Norac Additives is filling the void with high value, customer focused processing solutions.

  • Heat Stabilizers
  • Metallic Stearates