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Croda Polymer Additives is a world leader providing effects to a wide range of polymers used in today's plastics & packaging market. Our products are manufactured from natural and renewable raw materials with diverse applications in polyolefins, PVC, styrenics, polyamides and biopolymers. Croda specializes in additives for surface modification of plastics, including friction reduction anti-slip (slip agents), anti-block, anti-static, anti-fogging / wetting, fatty acid amines, and mold release. Our Crodamide™ and Atmer™ product lines play a vital role in modern packaging, from optimizing polymer processing and handling during manufacture, to improving part performance and aesthetics in end applications.

  • Anti-Static Agents
  • Anti-Block
  • Anti-Slip
  • Coatings Additives
  • Fatty Acid Amides
  • Mold Release