Prospective Suppliers

Prospective Suppliers

Why does it make sense to partner with Maroon Group?

Superior Sales Team

We spend significant resources to hire, train, and retain a top notch sales team that focus on our customer's needs.  With an average of more than 16 years of experience in specialty chemical sales, each of our Account Managers has the experience necessary to grow your market share.

To support their efforts in the field, we arm our sales team with the latest technology.  Outfitted with laptop computers, wireless office capabilities, and CRM software, our staff is easily accessible and able to respond almost immediately to our customer's needs.

Maroon Group Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service Professionals

Maroon Group has also assembled a fantastic support staff committed to "Creating Customer Success®".  We facilitate joint visits, provide monthly electronic reports, and maintain ongoing communication to keep clients organized and aware of new developments.  Transparency is of utmost importance to us. 

For more than three decades, Maroon Group has built our business around our clients. We are dedicated to becoming, and continuing to be, a valued business partner to each of our customers.  Whether our customers approach us with a general requirement or a specific need, we're always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  We feel this proven commitment to sales and service will continue to guarantee satisfaction and success in all of our partnerships. Let us show you how.

Market Commitment

One of the core philosophies of Maroon Group is to make a bricks and mortar commitment to the market.  Over the last decade, Maroon Group has made significant investment in our facilities and people.  We feel that this market presence not only signifies a long-term commitment to our customers and principals, but also stabilizes our business.  We are firmly entrenched in the markets that we serve, with assets in place to support our growth.

Financially, Maroon can offer you significant advantage by carrying accounts receivables for our market.  Furthermore, acting as an extension of your sales team leads to effective sales channel management.


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