About Maroon Inc.

Specialty Chemical and Packaging Supplier

Maroon Group, LLC has earned a reputation as a leader in the specialty chemical industry.  Since our inception in 1977, Maroon's attention to detail and world class service has resulted in continuous growth.  Our clients rely on Maroon Group due to our technical sales team, exceptional customer service, and global sourcing.  As evident with our ISO and NACD certifications, Maroon focuses on consistency, quality and reliability. 

Maroon supplies specialty additives, resins, pigments and packaging to more than nine hundred manufacturers in varied industries, including:

* Paint & Coatings
* Plastics
* Graphic Arts
* Sealants & Adhesives
* Specialty Chemical Compounders
* Rubber
* Construction

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Maroon Group, LLC has two strategic corporate office and warehouse facilities located in Cleveland and Chicago. These central locations allow us to provide next day delivery service to 65% of North American's industrial manufacturers. Our sales and logistics channel integrates an additional eight sales offices and ten distribution centers throughout North America.

This structure allows us to ship orders on a same day basis meeting our clients just-in-time inventory requirements. Give Maroon the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help improve your inventory turnover, working capital, and logistics cost.