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Exciting News on Ultramarine Pigments
Avon, Ohio - September 1, 2016 – Maroon Group is excited to announce the establishment of our partnership with Ultramarine and Pigments Ltd. for the sale of ultramarine blue and violet pigments in the United States. UPL and Maroon Group both have a long history with ultramarine pigments and this partnership will present our customers with a world-class source for these pigments. more


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2016 Product Guide

Maroon Group 2016 Product Guide

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Creating Customer Success® Stories
A customer realized mid-afternoon that their inventory report was inaccurate and their plant was ready to run out of a key coatings raw material. They submitted an order to us for same day shipment on their selected carrier. Although their carrier had already picked up at our facility earlier that afternoon, our Logistics team was able to have the carrier come back in for a 2nd pick up and shipped their order out that afternoon. Material was delivered the next morning, and our customer did not have to alter their production schedule. Click here for more Creating Customer Success® Stories!

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